The Movie

Kiss the Frog is director Kevin Dole's love letter to France. Visits to a tiny village in Languedoc opened his eyes to a place where ordinary people defend traditions and a lifestyle which eludes many Americans. Here, far from touristic haunts, are people living their heritage, food with culinary integrity and respect for a way of life. Kiss the Frog is about being an American, slowing down and falling in love.


Jackie Eberhardt has been running her father’s marketing firm since he died two years ago. Or is it running her? Her thirties are ticking by and her most personal relationship is with her Blackberry. At least, that’s what her last boyfriend told her. But what can she do? Then she learns that Abel Eberhardt, whose marketing genius she thought she inherited, wasn’t her father. Her real papa was a French farmer, so she’s off to find the tree she actually fell from.

Jackie’s real father, Jean-Paul, left behind a shabby farmhouse on a spec of land in the south of France. Not that “south of France” but a remote hamlet in a forgotten valley. What she doesn’t know is that he raised the finest French escargot on it. So good, in fact, that an entire village survives off their fame. And these fiercely proud villagers are not about to let her sell it without a fight. Leading the resistance is Arnaud, Jean-Paul’s charming protégé and rightful heir. Or so he thought.

Arnaud pretends to help Jackie fix up the farmhouse while actually sabotaging her every step of the way. Oh, and at the same time, he must enter and win the upcoming Festival d’ Escargot if the village is to survive yet another year. Joining him in this plot against “the American” are the elders of the village, characters all, as well as others with motives of their own.

Here, passionate lines are drawn three times a day. Will it be fast food or slow food? Blackberry, baguette or both? As reveling villagers defend their heritage, the truth of her own past finally simmers to the surface and Jackie must decide whether she’s ready for a change of menu.

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